Suede & Leather Cleaning

Suede & Leather Dry Cleaning

Protect your Clothing Investment

No fabric has the appeal of a top quality fine leather or suede garment. As Grosse Pointe’s premier suede and leather dry cleaners, City Cleaners can professionally clean your leather or suede, no matter the style. As a result, your garments will look brand new, helping you look as good as you feel.

A leather or suede garment is a major investment, so it is important to choose it carefully and care for it wisely. Proper care begins at home. To get the maximum life from your garment, wear a scarf to protect the collar area from perspiration and body oils. If you do notice some imperfections, partner up with City Cleaners and we will take care of your suede dry cleaning or leather dry cleaning needs!

Suede And Leather Cleaning - City Cleaners