"I don't usually leave reviews out of fear of sounding like a self important weirdo on the internet, but just wanted to say I live nearby and have used City Cleaners 20+ times over 10 years. Cleaning is always good, always on time, I never had anything stained or damaged. I also had some Indian traditional wear with tons of rhinestones done here with a special cleaning process that's different than usual dry cleaning, I was nervous but the owners son promised me it would be OK and it came back 100% perfect. I've had 3 alterations done, two hems and a support strap repaired on a dress. All done well and on time."
Testimonials 1
- Phoebe J.
"These guys are great, they'll make you laugh every time you go in there!! Customer service is just fantastic, and the same day turnaround on the dry cleaning is convenient."
Testimonials 2
- Dennis P.
"These people are so so nice! They do a beautiful job with suits, coats and everything in between. Very reasonably priced and quick. Highly recommend!"
Testimonials 3
- Debbie Z.
"City Cleaners picks up and delivers in my dry cleaning on a regular basis. This saves me so much time... and gas money!"
Testimonials 4
- Jason R.
"Excellent service and the front desk lady is so good.. She is so generous.. The service is done in 2 days and since Im moving out of town.. I asked her to fold them for me and they did that too.. Loved the service.."
Testimonials 5
- Karen A.